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Positive Benefits brings energy efficiency to the Lusíadas Saúde Group hospital units

Atualizado: 5 de mar. de 2023

Positive Benefits, in a partnership with INEGI, is helping Grupo Lusíadas Saúde define strategies for the energy and environmental sustainability of its hospital units.

As Pedro Póvoa, Positive Benefits Partner explains, “Health systems are energy-intensive consumers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in the form of heating and electricity, lighting, ventilation, and others medical equipment and goods, which are generally produced using carbon-intensive processes, outside the hospital's borders. For this, it is necessary to implement integrated sustainability processes to be able to inform strategies in the short, medium, and long term, to implement energy efficiency measures with sustainability.

Hospital infrastructures are responsible for high rates of indirect emissions of greenhouse gases, due to the high energy consumption of its operation. “The health sector is responsible for 4.4% of global CO2 emissions - states Pedro, pointing to the significant environmental impact of this activity”.

In line with this paradigm and the challenges of energy management, the Positive Benefits identify measures to promote the aggregate efficiency of resources and the reduction of waste, with the main focus on managing water and energy consumption of Lusíadas Saúde Group.


It is estimated that this action plan could lead to a reduction, on average, of 15 to 20% in the primary energy consumption of each of the hospital units covered.

The plan is based on energy audits to five Portuguese hospital units (Porto, Braga, Lisboa, Amadora, and Sacavém) and technical and economic feasibility studies.

In addition to contributing to eliminating inefficiencies from the energy performance point of view, the solutions to be implemented also provide for the integration of renewable energies and the promotion of thermal comfort.

The plan includes short and long-term measures, also favoring actions that translate into a cost reduction equivalent to the investment.


Positive Benefits is committed to incorporate this powerful tool in every project we work on, identifying which of the 17 goals can the project relate to and creating specific solutions to achieve them.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

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