Implementing impact innovation research projects, case studies and tools that empower local capacity building on local stakeholders to face neglected problems of the society.

PROJECTS and expertise

Impact innovation research projects and expertise enabling universities, companies, non-profits, investors, and governments to create new solutions for neglected societal problems

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Impact innovation research case studies enabling universities, companies, non-profits, investors and governments to share and disseminate knowledge from high impact existing initiatives for neglected societal problems


Impact innovation research tools enabling universities, companies, non-profits, investors and governments to  disseminate knowledge  and deploy, incubate, replicate high impact existing initiatives for neglected societal problems and





Positive Benefits developed and implemented research Social Innovation mapping projects in Europe and Africa.   As a service provider, partner, and expert for some of the most innovative European and African social innovation research projects, the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Map in Portugal for IES-SBS,  coordinating more than 10.000 surveys in Portugal and Mozambique (more than 3000 social experts, 7.000 Screened Initiatives, 202 certified social innovations). 

Positive Benefits and the team has been working as consulters, advisories, researchers in the main European research projects (open to other African, Asiatic, and American) social innovation networks/projects such like: ​​​

Implemented research studies on social innovation for different main players :



case study

Positive Benefits outsourced IES-SBS and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to develop the Apopo tuberculosis detection in Mozambique study case.

There are approximately 10 million new global cases of tuberculosis per year and around 1.7 million people die from the disease. In most sub-Saharan African countries only about half of the patients with active tuberculosis are diagnosed. APOPO's Detection Rats can quickly test human sputum samples for TB. Any suspect samples are then re-checked using WHO endorsed confirmation tests.

Positive Benefits developed more than 100 study cases supported by video of European and African social innovations.



Positive Benefits as being developing knowledge and creating tools in the last 10 years exploring and understanding the past of the social innovation assets and projecting the future with some of the kee world pioneers and founders of this concept.

Coordinated by Social Innovation Exchange and ESADE  by BOSH foundation sponsorship, Positive Benefits was part of the development of a tool to enable "social innovations labs" 

Positive Benefits as being supporting other Social innovation related tools such as: