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Consultoria Sustentabilidade


Positive Benefits supports individuals and communities by engineering impactful and innovative technologies that contribute to the regeneration of the world and enhance human well-being.



Technological solutions that impact the health sector trough interdisciplinary collaboration between engineering and medical sciences.


Technology solutions for an environmental impact that matters – creating win-win-win outcomes to ensure our planet sustainability for generations to come.



Impact innovation solutions that improve processes and businesses from a system integration assessment.


Through their expertise and efforts, they strive to create effective solutions that drive positive change and make a lasting impact.


ESG and SGDs software

Positive Benefits specializes in developing customized software solutions that enable companies and local organizations to measure and implement actions aimed at improving their impact on sustainability.  Positive Benefits empowers organizations to track, evaluate, and enhance their sustainability initiatives, fostering continuous improvement and positive impact.

Positive Benefits develops and implements software solutions that enable team participation, responsibility adaptation, and gamification processes to address Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) challenges. This impact innovation solution improves processes, businesses, and system integration assessments, promoting engagement in volunteer programs, sports, and other activities. By aligning with SDGs, Positive Benefits facilitates impactful and sustainable practices for organizations and communities.

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Consultoria de tecnologia

#SDG 1-17

Consultoria de Sustentabilidade

#SDG 3, 17


2 Breath

Positive Benefits, inspired by successful initiatives like Isinnova and Chiari Hospital in Italy, as well as similar efforts in Spain, UK, and USA, has been conducting tests in Portugal to enhance mask sealing capability, filter performance, CO2 buildup, and clinical usability. 


Positive Benefits played a coordinating role, engaging over 40 professional health workers from more than 20 hospitals, along with support from over 10 engineering companies across the country, to conduct extensive testing on masks and valves. This collaboration aimed to address the shortage of certified equipment and provide support in case of emergencies where official healthcare supplies are unavailable. Building on this experience, Positive Benefits is now focusing on developing new technological equipment specifically designed for health professionals, further contributing to the improvement of healthcare capabilities.


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Angola Maternal Health Care 

Positive Benefits has taken on the role of incubating the Angola program, which aims to improve access to and quality of maternal and child health care. As part of this initiative, a geo-referenced field status diagnosis has been conducted to assess the current situation. This diagnosis is followed by the development of an integrated management plan at the municipality level, which focuses on promoting intersectoral cooperation and fostering local partnerships. Through this collaborative approach, Positive Benefits is working towards enhancing the healthcare system and ensuring better health outcomes for mothers and children in Angola.


The software implemented by Positive Benefits has played a crucial role in identifying the capacity building and training needs of health professionals, thereby optimizing their skills and knowledge. It has also contributed to the decentralization of healthcare services by empowering local teams and improving local infrastructures and equipment, particularly in primary care units. Through partnerships with the central government, access to essential resources such as water and energy has been facilitated. Additionally, the software has facilitated the development of community-oriented content to promote greater interaction with Maternal and Child health services. The extensive data collected from over 300 local primary care health units serves as a valuable resource for research and development in the Maternal and Child sector, providing critical knowledge to inform government investment decisions.

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Consultoria de Sustentabilidade

#ODS 1, 3, 17


EDP Project in Kakuma

#SDG 1-17

Positive Benefits utilized human-centered design methodology to develop a concept for engaging the local community through solar panel infrastructure. This approach prioritized understanding the community's needs and aspirations, ensuring the infrastructure aligned with their specific requirements.

The partnership between EDP Foundation and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) aims to bring renewable energy and sustainable environmental solutions to the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, which lacks access to the national power grid due to its remote location. This collaboration addressed the energy needs of the camp and improve living conditions for its residents. By leveraging renewable energy sources, such as solar power, the initiative aimed to provide reliable and clean electricity, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient environment. The partnership reflects a commitment to promoting sustainable development and empowering refugee communities through innovative solutions.

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