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Technological solutions that impact the health sector trough interdisciplinary collaboration between engineering and medical sciences.


Technology solutions for an environmental impact that matters – creating win-win-win outcomes to ensure our planet sustainability for generations to come.



Impact innovation solutions that improve processes and businesses from a system integration assessment.



Environment Sustainability

Positive Benefits is implementing a sustainability environmental program in Lusíadas Saúde Group through a innovative model combining energy and water audits, which identify the way resources are consumed in the Hospitals facilities in order to rationalize consumption, reduce costs and contribute to the improving the environment. Also, developing a department with a dedicated team for the implementation of measures to improve operational processes for the reduction of CO2, efficiency, and optimization of resources. With the objective of creating the ecosystem of innovation and specialized knowledge in the health area, reconciling the implementation of innovative and demonstrative technology in order to improve the customer experience.

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Impact innovation solutions that improve processes and businesses from a system integration assessment.


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2 Breath

Following the Isinnova and Chiari Hospital example, and other countries such as Spain, UK, and USA, Portugal has been testing in the last weeks in order to improve the mask sealing capability of the mask, filter performance, CO2 buildup, and clinical usability.

Positive Benefits coordinated with more than 40 professional health workers from more than 20 hospitals engaged testing the masks and valves, supported by more than 10 engineering companies from all country. 

A prevention task force to support in case of emergency, if there is a full-blown lack of certified equipment, where it is not possible to find official no other healthcare supplies.

Positive Benefits is now preparing the development of new technological equipment designed for health professionals.  


Angola Maternal Health Care

Improving access and quality of maternal and child health care through a geo-referenced field status diagnosis composed of an Integrated management plan at municipalities level, developing  Intersectoral cooperation and local partnerships development collaboration.


The software enabled to identify health professionals needs to capacity building and training for optimization, promoting decentralization by empowering the local teams. Also enabled to improve local infrastructures and equipment  (primary care units)  providing access to water and energy in partnership with the central government. Finally developing content for community promotion for larger interaction with the Maternal and Child health services.

All data from more than 300 local primary care health units could be used to research & Development in the Maternal and Child sector providing critical knowledge to government investment.   


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