Creating and developing new/existing sustainable products, services and organizations based on impact innovation effective methodologies.


Impact innovation incubation enabling entrepreneurs to deploy non-profits or social business organizations, creating a high-value propositions for societal neglected problems 


Impact innovation training, mentoring and coaching enabling entrepreneurs to develop skills to create new or improved solutions for societal neglected problems 


Scaling Impact innovation enabling startups to deploy growth combining consulting,  tools, tutoring, training and coaching in a dedicated support process 





Positive Benefits incubate Social Innovations Sports as an initiative to promote efficient use of the resources currently employed, with the objective of spreading sustainable practices in the social ecosystem and having as a final goal an inclusive view of the sport, creating a positive impact in communities, families, and kids in vulnerable situations.

Social Innovations Sports developed the first services and projects as a catalyst for networks, to work in the quadruple helix, that is, bringing together Academia, public organizations and the government, companies and informal and formal civil society (social organizations), with the objective of creating partnerships, synergies and impact, always using sports as a tool for social innovation.

The first product was the Social Innovation Sports  Day - as team building for  KPMG, adequate for big companies with the central objective to develop cohesive teams, as well as the physical and psychological well-being.


ies-sbs bootcamp powered by insead


Positive Benefits develops customized training for social entrepreneurs, non-profits and companies.


One of the most impactful tools as been the IES-SBS Bootcamp, with more than 8 years and more than 5.000 persons trained from Africa, Asia, Europe and America. Positive Benefits has been a supporter of the development of the Bootcamp methodology, identifying trainees, providing trainers/mentors for the bootcamp training and as a client for non-profit organization managers.



Positive Benefits through a human-centered design methodology consulting supported REVOADA to developed a business model focus on impact innovation in order to scale as a social business. The methodology  as applied in YUNUS SOCIAL BUSINESS in Brazil with tutoring, training and coaching support process.

REVOADA created a product line, using waste from tire chambers and discarded umbrella as the main raw materials. A circular economy is the basis of the production process. B2C and B2B line of products for the end customer, our drivers and a line of products for companies.