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Our mission is to develop the impact innovation ecosystem, diagnose neglected social and environmental problems and to find existing or create new impact innovation solutions with high economic, social and environmental sustainable positive benefits.

Helping clients and partners to build the RD&I capabilities needed to drive innovation and empower improved capacity building on local stakeholders that have a significant, positive impact on society.

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We support our clients to build and adapt the skills, mindsets, and behaviours required to make fundamental decisions that can create impactful innovation and improve performance.


Our team of innovation experts gathers researchers, practitioners, engineers, analysts, designers, crossing specialized talents to support impactful and sustainable change.

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We support innovative organizations, individuals and communities to engineer effective, human-centered innovations that can advance better performance for high regenerative and sustainable social and environment impact.

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We support environmental and social entrepreneurs to achieve and sustain innovative impact by creating or developing new products, services, departments and organizations through our impact innovation methodologies.

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