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COVID19 taskforce for the usability of the Decathlon Easybreath mask in Portugal

Atualizado: 13 de out. de 2022

In the last weeks Positive Benefits has been coordinating a Taskforce to test the adaptation of the Easybrath Decathlon full-face snorkel mask has a non-evasive ventilation mask for patients and has a personal for protective equipment for health care workers, who lack appropriate alternatives during the COVID-19 crisis in the spring of 2020.

This is a prevention taskforce to support in case of emergency, if there is a full-blown lack of certified equipments, where is not possible to find official no other healthcare supplies.

Following the Isinnova and Chiari Hospital example, and others countries such as Spain, UK and USA, Portugal has been testing in the last weeks in order to improve the mask sealing capability of the mask, filter performance, CO2 buildup and clinical usability.

At the moment there are more than 40 professional health workers from more than 20 hospitals engaged testing the masks and valves, supported by more than 10 engineering companies from all country.

We reached the dissemination stage, opening to tests for all country for all hospitals. For that, the health professionals are finishing a summarized base for a protocol, that can be use a starting point for all the hospitals that wont to test the Decathlon Easybreath mask and valves.

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